Thursday, March 09, 2006

My goodness! What a belated blog birthday celebration that was! Whooooooeeeee, we raised the ROOF on this blog! I'll be patching that roof hole with HTML all week.

But I got lots of nice blog birthday wishes in the comments. My favorite comment was from Victoria Winters, who wrote, "You're younger than I thought you were!"

This does not please me because I have some vain hope that my appearance is youthful and vigorous. I work at home and I'm married. I'm all done trying to look purty. The comment pleases me for another reason entirely.

This blog is filled with posts about juvenile annoyances, boobies, and a childish approach to relating to mankind. The writing style is immature and the grammar is hopelessly naive. And the humor, around which most posts are centered, is best described as stunted.

However, despite all this, despite the generally infantile subject matter, style, and jokes, somehow....somehow.....I exude oldness. It doesn't matter what I write about, I've just got that old vibe. You can practically see the wavy stinklines of mothballs coming off this blog. The stench you smell, my young friends, is me rotting from the inside out. Honest to god, this pleases me.

So, that was my favorite comment. Also, the one from Styro where she says, "Relurking shields UP!", for obvious reasons.

On a barely related note, I received an email from a fellow blogger today, but rather than send it from her blog account, she sent it from her personal account. Consequently, her real name was visible in the email header. Naturally, I googled her, and replied from the safety of my ogblay email account, mocking her breach in anonymity.

So then, funny story, she replies back to me, showing how my anonymous email ogblay account plainly lists my real name as the sender.


For two years I've been replying to the occasional email from that account, and apparently my name has been stamped into each of those emails. Nice. All you psycho people who have viciously sent me email and then cleverly extracted a reply from me, well, I hope you're happy now. Also, if you know of any jobs with com-pu-ters, you should recommend me. I'm clearly skilled with the computers.


tinyhands said...

Hehe, some of us never let on that we knew.


zelda1 said...

I knew you were young. Maybe it's because I'm old, or because of Daisy or because of the way you describe your life. Too energetic, too hopefull to be old. An old Fart would be pessimistic, gripping without humor, would be asking what we were wearing, or if we liked rope, oh wait, oh wait, that's another post all together. HEHEHE.

Mike said...

Tiny, I know you're good at keeping secrets. It's obvious from the fact that I have no idea what's going on in your life despite reading your blog.

Zelda1, rope???. I didn't know old people had a rope fetish.

Leesa said...

I always thought you were young. Actually i'm pretty sure you're younger than me ;)

Janelle Renee said...

Was that a "News Radio" reference (com-pu-ter)? If so, I'm impressed. If not, I'm not.

I'm still a little hung over from your blog birthday bash.

Mike said...

Leesa, I'm in the mid-late thirties area.

jr, no, it was not. I have failed to impress you again.

Janelle Renee said...

Yeah, if you keep going at this rate, I'll certainly be impressed.

Mike said...

jr, that's so Escher, I can't tell if you're the impressor or the impressee.