Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I woke up on Sunday morning to a familiar sound, "Da da!" Was it the cry of a 20th century European art movement? No, it was my daughter calling to me from her bedroom. I took a peek at the alarm clock as I got out of bed. 8:00am. Hey, that's not too bad. Sometimes she wakes me up a lot earlier.

I opened her bedroom door and found her sitting up in bed, with her bedside lamp turned on, and a book sitting in her lap. She beamed at me.

"Did you wake up earlier and just decide to read to yourself for a while?" I asked, confused.

"Yeah! My book is great! It's about a magic treehouse! Want me to read to you?"

"Yes. Yes I do."

Ahhhh, we're finally at the day that I knew would eventually arrive. Daisy's ability to read has finally improved to the point where she can read something complex enough to be interesting. Her reading has attained escape velocity, leaving planet Dr. Seuss far behind.

Today she woke up sneezing and coughing with a low fever so we kept her home from school. She spent the first two hours happily sitting in bed, poring through stories about the magic treehouse. This made it pretty easy to keep an eye on her while still getting in a full workday.

This parenting thing just gets easier and easier! By the time she's a teenager, I can't imagine I'll have any problems at all!


The Tart said...

Magic tree house... that sounds de-light-ful, what is the name of the book?

To think, one day she will have music danc'in in her head, by some wild techno feature, and she will be tell'in her friends...

Hmmm, yup, that's my dad... he sits in the den at dusk & watches reruns of a show call BLOG. Friends ask, what's with the cuppa...she says, Oh he just likes his cuppa--it's a family thing, but funny... he still holds puppet shows with his socks?

The Tart
; )

zelda1 said...

Hold up cowboy. This moment right now is the easiest of the moments you will have. She will be lovable for about three more years, then puberty begins and oh is it sly, that puberty. First it's a little grumpy, not much. There are no outward symptoms of this puberty for you see the brain and the womb start before the outward body catches up, then there might be a pimple or two that is no cause for concern. She will grow breasts yes, they will come out no matter how tight you bind her chest, she will have periods and those pms things, oh wow, and if Hank and her PMS at the same time as my daughter and I did, well my poor son said our house was like an emotional rollercoaster for about a week every month. Then while she is finishing up this puberty thing, she will start to notice that boys are noticing her, not the ones like her, the younger ones, for see, the younger boys, her age, have a delay to puberty and will not take a liking to girls for another year or two, the boys who will develop an interest in sweet precious little girl will be fifteen and sixteen year old walking hormones and yes she will like them too and fuss at you for not understanding her and from then on, or at least until she grows up and for me, I'm still waiting on that one, but for most folks the adolescents ends in the early twenties when you will finally get your little girl back but, but, she will by then start looking for life partners which brings you to another trip through hell, and there's the going off to college where you worry every single night, the wedding, the birth of grandchildren. Oh, cowboy, your time of contentment is short lived, grab the reins and get ready for ride that will leave you old and gray and wrinkled and knowing why most animals eat their young. Yes.

Siôn said...

zelda1 - you've just swung it. I ain't ever having kids. Never.

zelda1 said...

Oh Sion, but it's worth it, like when they make those little plaster hand prints, or the shadow profile, or the mulitiple cards for all seasons. Then there's, well there's the nice way you feel when they hug you and tell you they love you, which happens the first eight years of their life, then, well, you can always count on them to, hmm, well I think they are good at other things, but for the life of me, I can't remember, oh it's the grandchildren, that's what they are good for, bringing you these little beings that are so perfect. For me, my daughter brought me home, first her dog, I raised, then two cats, I raised, then a tank full of fish, I flushed, and there was a cage full of birds, I found them a good home, and then she had my grandsons, I am fighting for them; they are the good things that have come from her so far. My son, well, he is tall and strong and would fight an army for me, so while you can have one or two who are not so good, you can also have one or two that are perfect. It's a gamble, do you like to gamble?

Siôn said...

I like the odd flutter at the bookies (btw does this sentence make any sense in USA), but gambling with something that would seemingly make my life a living hell, isn't high on the priority list at the moment.
Is there anyway that you can cut your losses? Is it still illegal to sell your children?

Mike said...

Jody, it's the "Magic Tree House" series of books. My daughter is gaga for this kind of crap. She also read about Magic School Busses and for all I know, maybe Magic Toilet Paper Roll Holders.

Zelda1, as I wrote this entry and added the line about teenagers, I thought to myself, "Oh, Zelda1 will surely have something to say about that!" You didn't let me down. :)

Siôn, we have the word "bookies" here which apparently means the same thing, so I can guess about the "flutter" from context, but that part doesn't translate as well. And, no, you can't sell your kids, but maybe if you find the right bookie, you could bet them.

zelda1 said...

Mike, always glad to oblige. Sometimes, being old and experienced comes in handy, like now, and telling you what to expect. So, it's not all about lower insurance rates, having no more removable body parts, getting medicines to get high just because I'm old, or getting the good parking spots, sometimes, it's about helping grasshopper.