Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Being a certified D List Blogger, I get a lot (almost none) of fan mail. Here's a near perfect copy of a recent one:

Dear Mike,

You are awesome! And handsome! And cleversome!

I'm curious. I loved your old posts about Daisy being a singing/song writing virtuoso. Does she still make up her own songs? If so might I request, as one of your biggest blog fans, posts on that subject?

Also, here are naked photos of me.


Thanks, Bruce. Nice gams! Anyway, most of Daisy's musical endeavors these days revolve around her piano playing and imaginary dance shows. I did, however, put the question to her....

Me: Do you have any new songs, like your old classics "Snap On Those Ol' Western Boys" or "My Heart Is Not A Two Week Old Steak?"
Daisy: (thinking) Hmmm....Um...Yes, I do, but it doesn't have a title.
Me: Could you think of a title for it?
Daisy: Ok...It's called, "I Believe in My Dreams", but that title doesn't have anything to do with the song.
Me: That's fine. It doesn't have to. Can you sing the song for me?
Daisy: Well, it takes a lot of space.
Me: You need a big space to sing the song?
Daisy: Yes. There's a lot of jumping and running.
Me: Well, could you manage to do it here in our living room anyway?
Daisy: I guess so.

Then she thought for a moment as though perhaps maybe she was making up the song on the spot.

Daisy: Ok, the first part has snapping, but pretend that's drums.
Me: I'll snap with you.

She snapped for about 15 seconds, seemingly thinking up the lyrics. Wheels were clearly spinning. And then she launched into song.

I believe I can
Jump to the moon
I believe I can
Fly to the sun
I know these things aren't reality
But I believe in my dreams

Much more finger snapping ensued, and then there were a few more verses similar to the first.

And that, Bruce, is the current state of the Daisy song union. Thanks for asking! Also, you should check out that mole on your upper thigh.


Anonymous said...

That was great! That Daisy is very talented!


Your biggest blog fan,

PS--It's not a mole! It's a tattoo of your avatar.

zelda1 said...

Okay, the song is a hit, I'm sure she has a big chance of making it to the semi finals on Idol show. Yes, it's true. The mole, can I see it, well actually, the mole isn't exactly what I wanted to see. Hey, don't think that either. I'm just an old woman who has bad eyes and is deaf and every once in a while see an opportunity to examine a potential dream partner before actually having the dream. WINK. as she doesn't lick her lips since she has a huge sore on her upper lip from banging it into the cabinet. But just imagine okay.

Mike said...

Bruce, you should talk to that tattoo artist! Regardless, welcome to the fan club.

Zelda1, I'm sure these pictures don't measure up to Mr. Zelda.

zelda1 said...

Yeah, Mr. Zelda, the man who I'm committed to spend the rest of my life with, and if he dies before me, find a place for his things, and have fonds memories of, and get buried next to and all of those things. But, well, see, he has no mole on his thigh. That's it, yes, the mole. I need mole fodder for my dreams. Yes. moles. Holy Moly as the guy who does redneck comedy says.

The Liberal Avenger said...

I was at Barrington, too, in Spring and Fall, 1989. I recognize your photograph but I can't remember your name.

Those who know, etc.


Mike said...

Zelda1, I'm going to recommend that you go to and search on Skin Mole. I think you'll be pleased.

Liberal Avenger, I didn't go by "ogblay" back then.

Janelle Renee said...

I need a jingle for my business. Do you think Daisy can help me out?

Mike said...

jr, she can! She don't come cheap though. I'll find her price list and get back to you.