Friday, February 17, 2006

My neighborhood is all abuzz with rumors that it might snow in San Francisco in the next day or two.

Let me tell you something.

It has snowed in San Francisco. Probably once in the decade that I've lived here. However, I'm going to go out on a meteorological limb here and make a bold prediction. Please make sure you're seated. Those of you who have weak hearts or have been recently "seasoned" with buckshot should click away now.

It is not going to snow in San Francisco this weekend. You heard it here first.


zelda1 said...

Snow in San Francisco, that's like rain in Bakersfield. Well, it does rain, but mostly a mist and only every few decades, or that's how it was when I lived there. So, if you want it to snow, I hope it does and if you don't want it to snow, I hope it doesn't.

Mike said...

What if I want it to snow because that would be interesting but I don't want it to snow because then I would have been wrong? Hmmmmm?

zelda1 said...

So, is it snowing? Yesterday, we got a foot of snow and ice. Today, it is snowing and sleeting off and on. I'm thinking, no school. Yes, I can take the time to study more for the Latin Test. And all is good in the hills of NW Arkansas. By the way, while the snow is pretty and interesting, and fun, it makes for not so good driving condition, especially with these rednecks who drink and drive and put their big tires on their big trucks and haul ass down the road and try to make their trucks slide and sling the kids, who are in the back, out and that, my friend, is the redneck's way of having fun in the snow. WEll, I forgot the one where the college students drag their class mates down the road on old tires slinging them all over the road. It's like going to the slopes, minus the slopes and minus the skies and snowboards. Here in redneckvill, we make due with what we have just lying around in the yard. Yep, got them tires from last years used ride that can't be recapped no more, so we use them to make sand boxes in or let the kids use them for recreational sports like tire slinging. Yep, chain them to the bumper, put a kid in the center, and haul ass down the road. There are many other sports that are more or less dangerous, but those will be for another time. Hope you get a bit of snow.

Mike said...

I'm sure we'd find equally dangerous ways to amuse ourselves in San Francisco when and if we ever get snow on the ground, but that wasn't today.