Friday, January 20, 2006

Who wants to hear more about my crappy career decisions? Me either. So in the the-glass-is-.00001%-full vein, here are the best two good things that happened to me today:

1) GMail (that's Google Mail, mom!) finally added a Delete button. All along they've been trying to convince their users to stash unwanted email into a multi-gigabyte archive which could still be searched, so they've been hiding the delete functionality in an awkward drop-down menu. I guess the folks at GMail support got tired of archiving all the complaint emails about the lack of a Delete button because they've finally relented. This will save me a click and mouse-movement every time I want to delete email, which frees up many seconds each day for me. Given that I'm borderline psychotic about efficiency, this is HUGE news.

2) A telemarketer called me. Yay! A tiny of ray of sunshine in my workday, it was.

Me: Hello
Telemarketer: ....
Me: Hellooooo?
TM: Hello
Me: Yes?
TM: Hello?
TM: Oh, yes, there you are. Hi, my name is Russell and I'm calling on behalf of the firefighters fund. This call may be recorded for your protection...
Me: My protection?
TM: Yes.
Me: What do I need to be protected from?
TM: Well, any misinformation.
Me: Wouldn't I be better protected from misinformation if I just hung up on you?
TM: No.
Me: So, how exactly is someone listening to my phone call some sort of protection?
TM: Well, to ensure that you are receiving this information in an upright manner.
Me: So, without this person listening in, then I'm at risk from what you might tell me?
Me: So, how am I being protected then?
TM: Um, it's protection for me to make sure I don't get fired for making a mistake.
Me: Oh, so it's not me that's being protected, it's YOU. I'm feeling very unprotected now.
TM: Well, it's OUR protection.
Me: How am I being protected?
TM: Sir, may I tell you why I've called?
Me: First, apparently, I need some protection. How am I being protected?
TM: ...
Me: Hello?
Me: Hellooooooo?

Not my best work, but I'm a little rusty.


zelda1 said...

Telemarketers, my nightmare. I just keep saying. Hello. Hello. Is anyone there? I'm deaf you know. Is anyone there. Hello. HEllo. They get frustrated and just hang up. It's fun, and sometimes I keep telling them I don't understand, I don't understand. They pretty much leave me alone.

Mike said...

I hope you're on the Do Not Call list. It doesn't stop all of them from calling, but it stops some.

dolface said...

i'm glad someone else was as excited about the 'delete' button as i was.

the only thing is that now i have to untrain myself from using the stupid dropdown...

also, these shortcuts are kind of cool

Mike said...

No kidding. So far, the Delete button has actually cost me time since I first go to the drop-down, and then sheepishly hit the button. I'll be trained soon though.

Now, the shortcuts aren't new, are they? And, is there a delete short cut? That would rock. I could train myself to use that in a few short years.

Fuzzball said...



Mike said...

Fuzzball, you DO need protection! You're totally unprotected out there!