Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Quick update. My lottery winnings seem to be bogged down in a bit of bureaucracy, but I think I can cut through the red tape by throwing around a few smackeroos. This is a no brainer.

Meanwhile, however, I'm still stuck at my day job. I can report two things:

1) Listening to one person for 3 days is less fun than it sounds

2) Anyone who starts a 3-day meeting by saying that working with them is a lot of fun is, defacto, not a lot of fun.

See you all at my yacht (the Mike-Stir!) party next week!


dolface said...

i am so there (on te yacht i mean, not at your meeting).

will you be supplying lampshades suitable for wearing as humorous hats, or should we bring our own?

Mike said...

Dolface, I'll be supplying platinum-plated party hats filled with gold nuggets. I'm currently in negotiations to buy that big cruise ship docked here in S.F, but we haven't finalized the deal.