Friday, December 23, 2005

Precious few minutes here in Vermont before I'm dragged away from this computer in the "business center" of this Comfort Inn. Time for some business!

In honor of the ever-improving Colbert Report, let's do a quick Tip Of The Hat / Wag Of The Finger.

A tip of the hat to Jet Blue! Having a TV built into each seat is like traveling with your own personal nanny. All they're missing is a wet nurse (guess I can only go for one blog entry without making some breast reference).

A wag of the finger to only sleeping for 4 hours. Despite putting our daughter to bed at 2:00am (11:00pm California time), she woke up 4 hours later at 6:00am. We then all spent 4 cranky/cry-y hours trying to goad each other back to sleep. This game ended when I furiously demanded that we get up.

A wag of the finger to me furiously demanding that we all get up. The wife put an end to my histrionics by explaining that she would tell me to leave if I didn't act like a big boy. "Leave?" I asked pitifully, "Where would I go?"

Nowhere, as it turns out. And thus an attitude readjustment was required.

2 wags to 1 tip. Not bad.

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