Sunday, December 11, 2005

High among the very long list of things that I hate is "planning". I hate planning for my retirement, or planning events, or even planning a weekend. It's not that I don't think that planning is valuable, I just can't bring myself to do it. I'm not exactly sure which one of my major personality flaws is to blame for this.

Am I incapable of thinking more than 2 minutes ahead? Do I have an exaggerated fear of being disappointed at goals not met? Probably I just possess superhuman laziness. Attempts by others to get me to plan just bounce harmlessly off my underdeveloped chest.

I was discussing Five Year Plans with my friend Pablo this week. Somehow, in my close-to-40 years of life, I've never constructed a Five Year Plan or the more mythical Ten Year Plan. Hell, I've never even written a meaningful One Year Plan, although my manager asks for it on a nearly annual basis.

Although in general I'm not much of a "goals" guy, somehow I've managed to luck into a pretty good day-to-day life. I've got a great kid, a sassy wife, and computer programming is a decent gig. Alll this without ever making a damn plan. Should I start now? What other shape would I want my life to become in five years? Rhomboid?

I guess it would be cool to be an astronaut. Or maybe taller. Also, I wouldn't mind having an extra wife, maybe with 3 breasts.

There. That's my Five Year Plan. Done. For a Ten Year Plan, uh... that's harder. I wouldn't know what to do with the fourth breast. Let's go with world peace. No! Wait! I pick invisibility. Yeah.

Phew, planning is hard.


dolface said...

i think you stick to rhomboid.
(besides, i think that eccentrica gallumbits is all tied up for the next 10 years or so).

Mike said...

Screw that, I'm already imagining myself in a dappy space suit.

Leesa said...

So now besides buxom nurses, you want a wife with three breasts?? Hmm, can't help ya with that one :)

Mike said...

Leesa, you make me sound so unreasonable.

Tasty said...

Rhomboid. That's why I adore you. Rhomboid.

Leesa said...

Well, Mike, I was ready to provide the buxom nurse...but three breasted women? I'm not sure where to start.

Mike said...

Tasty, what can I say? I know what dames dig.

Leesa, well I appreciate the effort. Thanks!