Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My life has been greatly enriched by the Internet. It has given me new ways to communicate with friends, the ability to work from home, and most importantly, hot and cold running midget little people donkey porn. It always makes me a little sad though to think that my father, who was an early adopter of computer technology, was never able to see these marvels in his lifetime. Even sadder is that this is not because he's dead, but rather because his computer buckles under the weight of his virus-checkers, firewalls, and anti-histamines, not to mention the dizzying array of floppy drives, tape drives, and disc-burners, all in the name of backing up some mysterious data that has been furiously scrubbed clean of spyware and herpes.

But I digress.

How has your life been enriched by the Internet?

Wait! Don't answer that. I already know! My sitemeter tells me exactly what you're looking for:

Jeff Stryker penis dripped : Mmmm hmmm, I've been there, baby. Oh, it dripped so good.

unreligious christmas : Apparently there is a war on Christmas! And apparently I'm leading it. Oh, Christmas celebrators, fear my mighty blog!

GiganticAsses.com : This innocuous phrase brings two hits on Yahoo. My blog, and the actual www.giganticasses.com website. Currently I'm listed at #2. My dream (and my new One Year Plan) is to be #1.

does staring at a women's breasts for 30 minutes equal 30 minutes of exercise? : Good question. Sir, you live in a beautiful beautiful world. I think I will dedicate my Two Year Plan to making your dream a reality. We will be both fit and happy.


The Mincemeat Vixen said...

I immediately went to giganticasses.com and there were NO gigantic asses there. Only links. I feel terribly short changed. Perhaps we could all band together and make the #1 link a warning to those souls searching for gigantic asses that there are no gigantic asses to be found at giganticasses.com ?

Mike said...

Vixen, this is a worthy effort. It should be a crime that there are no gigantic asses at a primo URL like giganticasses.com. We'll make this happen.