Sunday, December 04, 2005

According to various personality tests there are 16 different types of humans on the planet. I'm an INTJ or an ASDF or a WTF or something like that. The result of the test didn't really resonate with me because it didn't explain as much about my life as it promised. I think the true lesson learned from such tests is that it's not meaningful or relevant to put people into one of 16 boxes.

I have a better classification system. It has two boxes: Hot and Cold.

Me? I'm a hot person. I want cold air blowing on me while I drive, and I wear short sleeve shirts 9 days out of 10, and I will sweat the sweat of the damned on a warm day. My biggest battle with heat, however, is in the bedroom.

(Note, this story is less sexy than it sounds. Ladies, your virtue is safe. Gents, put away the lotion.)

I can't sleep well when I'm too warm, so I take all reasonable efforts to keep myself cool. I sleep in the nude (dang, my bad, this story IS sexy) and I push all the blankets down to the bottom of the bed where they can keep my sweet little tootsies warm, and nothing else. I then take a solitary cotton sheet, pull it up about halfway up my body, and that's about right. On hot nights the sheet is stifling and gets kicked away, and on slightly cooler nights, I pull the sheet all the way up.

However, this last week here in San Francisco, it has been COLD. No, not Montana-cold, Leesa, and not Canada-cold, Vixen, but it's been dipping into the 30's at night. This gives me the opportunity to do something very rare.


Ooooh, I'm so cozy in my wittle bed! I can't tell you how pleasing this is. I can even cuddle up with the wife for a few moments without sweating (too much) on her. Man, it's nice. There's just something satisfying about having some nice thick blankets pulled all the way up. It's a rare treat.

So, a big shout-out to my main homey, winter!


The Mincemeat Vixen said...


dolface said...

me and your 'main homie' need to have some words, i'm tired of freezing my butt off.

(and as an indictor of how cold my nether-regions are, your captcha widget served up this 'bumtvey', which sounds like it's yiddish for 'my butt is experiencing discomfort).

Mike said...

Geez, looks like these comments are appearing out of order. As near as I can tell, Vixen's comment should be directed at Dolface.

Tasty said...

I'm a "hot" person, too. Gimme some AC and crack the bedroom windows in February.

Mike said...

Tasty, that's what I'm talking about! Too bad most houses in San Francisco don't have A/C. The fools think it's cold enough already. Bah!