Friday, November 04, 2005

I just came back from our semi-annual coworker trip to Reno. I learned a little something.

I learned that if you start drinking booze in the middle of the afternoon and you keep that up for 9 straight hours, you will feel like a big pile of crap the next day.

Knowledge is power, my friends.

We always drink a lot during these trips, but it usually takes quite a while to get drunk at the blackjack tables. Between the small size of the glasses, the watered-down nature of the drinks, and the erratic refills by the cocktail waitresses, the alcohol enters your system in a fairly restrained and measured fashion. On our last trip, however, some fellow gambler scoffed at our tiny drinks and told us the secret casino booze code word. That word is "bucket". Or maybe "barrel". My recollection is a bit hazy for mysterious reasons.

This time around we decided to try it out. One of my coworkers bravely ordered "a bucket of something fun! Or a barrel of it!". "Me too!" I quickly chimed in.

Sure enough, when the cocktail waitress came back with our drinks, they were served in manly-sized vessels instead of the usual itty-bitty glasses. They weren't actual buckets or barrels, but it was a generous helping of hooch.

Nine hours drinking buckets of booze. That's healthy living, folks.


The Mincemeat Vixen said...

You seem to spend a lot of time in Reno.

Mike said...

Vixen, who put you up to that comment? Is that you, Hank?!?

Typically I go to Reno twice a year, each trip lasting about 20 hours. It's the best place near me to go play blackjack.

This year, however, a couple of "extra" trips came up. I can hardly tell my old college roomate that I won't go to Vegas with him! What kind of friend would I be?

Say hi to Hank for me.

Leesa said...

A barrel of liquor....sounds like something from Texas :)
Drinking for 9 hours? I would have never made it.

Mike said...

You could have done it Leesa! I have faith in you!

Sbdowqe Jones said...

Mmm.... Candy. Naked breasts. iPod nanos.....

Mike said...

Sbdowqe, trail running sounds pretty good when I put it that way, doesn't it? For all I know, those things are there on the side of the trail. Maybe I should ask Pablo or Dolface.