Tuesday, August 02, 2005

For some strange reason, my daughter rarely flushes the toilet. Fear of loss, perhaps? Regardless, it led to this exchange:

Me: Oh, look. Poop in the toilet. How lovely.
Daisy: Whoops. Sorry.
Me: Ok, from now on, everytime you forget to flush, I'm chopping off one of your arms.
Daisy: No way! I definitely wouldn't be able to flush then!
Me: Sure you could. You could flush with your feet, your tongue, or even your butt.
Daisy: Are you really going to chop off my arms?
Me: No.
Daisy: What if I hit you?
Me: No, not then either.
Daisy: What if I destroy the house?
Me: Baby, you get to keep your arms no matter what. I'll find other ways to punish you, but they won't include chopping off your arms.
Daisy: What if I destroy the house, and outer space, and the whole universe?
Me: Look, how about we just agree that you won't do those things?
Daisy: (heartfelt laughter) Oh, daddy. I'm already planning to do them tomorrow.

Be afraid, people.


Eponymous Pseudonym said...

"I am become Daisy, destroyer of worlds."

Mike said...

Well, looks like Daisy is all talk. I should have known she was bluffing.

Leesa said...

Great parent/child discussion. Love it.

Mike said...

Thanks, Leesa!