Sunday, June 19, 2005

Just to sum up on the Mother's Day shopping fiasco of yesterday's post, here's the tally:

Sandals: RETURN

Although she agreed that they were perfectly attractive shoes, they were not what she was looking for. Something about the Feng Shui, or the flux capacitor, or something like that was off the mark.

Pink flip flops: KEEP

Despite the girly girly color, they were sturdy and cute: a keeper!

Green shirt: KEEP

Not something she would have bought for herself, but a good addition to her wardrobe.


Many people would regard a score of 66% as a D, but we grade on a curve at this house. That's a solid B 'round these parts, my friends. So if any of you ladies require a personal shopper, you know where to reach me....


Will said...

Glad for the happy ending. Yesterday, my mom told me that she was still waiting for a mother's day gift /: )

Mike said...

Will! It's not too late! I'm living proof. I recommend pink flip flops.