Monday, May 09, 2005

Ok, Mike, think of something good to blog...NOW!


My wife thinks I should do a post on the goofy names for nail polish colors. She went for a manicure this weekend and bounded home with tales of colors like "Persimmon Confusion" and "Pretentiously Overpriced Pink". I just don't think I have it in me though. I've recently done posts on hair-salon-naming-algorithms and deoderant names gone awry. That's probably all the product-name mockery I have in me right now. That dead horse has been kicked adequately. Well, kicked is a bit strong, maybe nudged.

Yesterday was Mother's Day. I celebrated by giving my wife the remainder of her birthday presents. I didn't want to fall too far behind in the present-giving department. I'm only one back!

Also struggled through giving my mother a present. She's really hard to buy for. She's very minimalist and generally hates "stuff". Ever tried to buy presents for someone (3 times a year) who doesn't want any more things in the house? It's tough. The wife and I made a couple passes through the mall and eventually found some things for her to return. Happy Mother's Day, momma!

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