Friday, May 20, 2005

I'm anal retentive about time. I've mentioned it before, but it bears repeating. I'm anal retentive about time.

My daughter, like most small children, does not share this fine attribute. What's the opposite of anal retentive? Anally unretentive? Head retentive? Regardless, whenever it's time to do something, she suddenly wants to do something else.

Example numero uno: In general, my daughter is a reasonably focused child, as far as five year-olds go. She's concentrates on her homework, and can watch TV intently for hours at a clip, if need be. However, if you're in a hurry, and need her to perform some errand on the other side of the house, it will take an eternity. All of a sudden, every object, dust mote, and imaginary object between her and the task-at-hand becomes distraction incarnate.

"Hey, I've never played with this wall before!"
"Ooooh, my esophagus! Wheeeeee!"

Without fail, when time is of the essence (always, no?) the mundane becomes extraodinary.

Example numero two: School mornings at our house are a constant battle to keep my daughter on schedule. I nag her to wake up. I nag her to get dressed. I nag her to pee and eat breakfast. Breakfast is the most annoying part. She'll sit quietly in front of her food until I urge her to take a bite. This process repeats until she's out of time and I tell her to get up and brush her teeth.

At that moment, and not one moment earlier, she furiously starts shoveling down her breakfast. I asked her the other day why she paws at her breakfast listlessly until she's out of time. Why only then does she begin to eat? My daughter contemplated this for a moment and then concluded, "Because that's when it's most delicious!"

Fair enough.


Stacey said...

"Because that's when it's most delicious!"

For some strange and odd reason, this makes perfect sense.

Mike said...

I thought so! That comment sort of stopped me in my tracks. How do you argue with that?

Victoria Winters said...

Sounds like a clever kid. Count yourself lucky! :)

Mike said...

Yeah, that and $150 buys me an hour of therapy.

amy said...

unfortunately in my household growing up with three older siblings if you didn't devour your food immediately.... where am I going with this? apparently no where. gotta love 5 year olds though. i get to see my 6 yr old nephew in 2 weeks. i last saw him when he was 3. be well. inky

Mike said...

Inky, sometimes you just gotta go nowhere. Been there. Have fun seeing your nephew!