Thursday, December 09, 2004

Over the last several days I've noticed that there are a bunch of entries in the site log from MIT. Hello MIT people (or perhaps hello single schizophrenic MIT person)! This blog post is just for you. The rest of you, please cover your eyes, and say "Lalalalalala" over and over until this entry is complete.

Once upon a time, over 450 Msecs ago (see, I'm one of you!), I graduated from college. Now, it wasn't one of them fancy schools with an MIT (for example) in the name, but it wasn't College for Dummies either. I had me a brand spanking new degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Although my grades weren't top-notch (3.1 GPA), I had a couple summers of internship at Hewlett Packard on my resume, and I was ready to take on the electrical engineering world in all its chippy glory.

I figured I'd do pretty well interviewing for a job. Back then I wasn't the hermetic troll that I am now, and most of the other EECS graduates at my school were social introverts. I figured I'd do about average on the technical portion of the interviews and then wow the potential employers with my deft conversational skills.

I lined up nearly 30 interviews with companies of all shapes and sizes. I went into each interview, in my ill-fitting navy blue suit, bursting with positive attitude and good humor. I was a lock.

I got shot down by every single company. Although a couple of them brought me back for round 2 of humiliation, not a single one gave me an offer. The electrical engineering world rejected me with glee-like unanimity. I eventually took my fallback job at the Hewlett Packard office where I had my internship. It was a CS job and not the EE job that I had been hoping for, but beggars....

In the end, that job worked out well for me, but that's not the point. The point here is, congratulations on making it to MIT! Republican congress*, I'm super impressed! I don't know what you're doing reading this blog though. I sure as hell can't help you with your homework.


*little joke from last post.


Heather said..., is it over? Thanks for the comment on my blog.

One comment on your post: Dissociative Identity Disorder is the mental disturbance in which one has multiple personalities. The most generalized symptom of all subtypes of schizophrenia is a disconnection from reality, not multiple identities.

Mike said...

Ok, so let's make a list of all the readers out there who are smarter than me:

1) The MIT folk(s)
2) Heather (including all her personalities)

Anybody else want in?

tinyhands said...

Bonnie Heather- You'd better be getting an A in Psych 101.

Mike said...

Hey hey hey! Tinyhands, you go hit on Heather on your own blog.