Monday, November 08, 2004

Is it possible to be a gay man without being attracted to other men, or having any sense of style whatsoever? If so, I'm a flamer.

It's not just that sometimes I accidentally find my pinkie sticking out when I sip my coffee. I guess that just could be me being pretentious. Phew!

It's moments like the one I had yesterday, on my weekly "Date" night with my beard wife. We were travelling up the escalator and she was on the step above me. I leaned in for a kiss and, unconsciously lifted my right foot behind me, daintily bending my knee and waving it behind me, like a teenage girl would, on her first kiss. As soon as I realized how effeminate my stance was, I stamped my foot down with the merest hint of machismo flair.

Maybe it's not so much that I'm gay (because, honestly, I'm not interested in other people's penises or their tushies), but rather that I'm just not so manly. Maybe Schwarzenegger was right. I'm a Democrat girlie man.

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