Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I'd like to take this post and thank my reader(s?). Actually, it's not so much that I want to thank you all, but rather that I want to try and list you all. I don't know many of you by name, but I've studied the site logs and I think I can put the rest of you in a happy little figurative box.

1) Many of you have visited this site via hitting the "Next Blog" button. We've been through this before, but let it suffice to say that I feel for you. You've been through a lot of crappy blogs and now you're here. Prepare to be astonished amazed entertained mildly amused nonplussed mildly annoyed cheated and deprived of your very life force here.

2) Most of you have reached this blog because you were searching for something else and you mistakenly came here. For the most part, you were either looking for:

- Pictures from the Folsom St. Fair: Hah! Pervs.

- Information about Barrington Hall: Yes, I lived there too! I figured that since the place is no more, I could finally violate the "Those who know don't tell. Those who tell don't know" rule. Onngh Yanngh, baby. Here are my two posts, so far, about my time there: post 1 post 2

- Cheerleader panty porn: Some of you are looking for cheerleaders with panties, and others, no panties. All of you are very disappointed. Pervs.

3) My wife. Yes, a very small number of you (approximately 1.0239137) are my wife. Hey.

5) Edwina Swink. Edwina is the only person on the planet who has given me a non-pity-based permanent link on her blog. Hi Edwina!

6) A coworker. I've got 2 coworkers who have this URL. Get back to work, slackers.

7) That lady I played blog-themed Scrabble with on the Internet (note, there are no illegal Scrabble sites on the Internet). Scrabble is cool, kids.

8) Someone who found me through a post on the busblog or on the site by that guy with the tiny hands. Welcome. Stay a while. I'll get snacks. I've got these salt and pepper pretzels that are quite tasty.

That's about all of you. I thank you all for coming by. Even the pervs.

Did I miss anyone?

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