Friday, November 12, 2004

Hello "Next Blog" visitor!

Before you hastily click the "Next Blog" button again, allow me to commiserate with you. There are an astonishing number of crappy blogs out there and you have probably visited a fair number of them in the last few minutes. I don't mean to boast, but if you speak English, my blog is one of the better ones that you'll visit during this "Next Blog" session. Most of the other blogs that you'll randomly visit this way seem to be one of several varieties:

- A blog that consists of only one entry. You've found someone's first, and probably last, post. It usually says something like: "This is my first blog. Prepare to be bored."

Thanks, done.

- A blog that is a thinly veiled attempt at marketing some cheesy product, usually totally unrelated to actual cheese

- A blog in some other crazy language. Blogs in Spanish??? What will they think of next.

My almost-amusing ramblings about my daughter and social life are nearly Shakespearean in comparison. There are many fine blogs out there (see my excellent Links list!), but you'll rarely stumble across them with that damn "Next Blog" button. I know. I've been there. It's a disease.

In fact, let's do an experiment. I'll now hit that button five times and I'll document the five blogs that I find. Let's see what the blogosphere is up to:

This is some sort of Muslim blog that is in a foreign language that I do not recognize. It also plays music. I'm sure it's a fine blog if you speak its language, but I shall not be adding it to my Bookmarks.

Hey, an English non-horrible blog! It's a combination of topical links and stuff about her cat. This is undoubtedly the finest blog we'll see during this experiment. Blog on, Amanda.

Ok, this blog is fine too. You got your basic semi-amusing anecdotes and a bit of political commentary. This could be my blog (ignoring the fact that it's by a conservative woman). Crap, this is blowing my theory about the Next Blog button being boredom-in-a-button.

Ok, here we go. This blog is a virtually incomprehensible list of links and references. You want to keep notes for yourself, feel free to do it on a notepad.

Well, this blog was only one entry long. It's some lady using her blog as therapy. I got no problem with that.

Well, that was a crappy little experiment. But, "Next Blog" visitor, if you've made it this far, at least I can take consolation in that you've wasted your time HERE. I essentially proved my point with my own crappy post. Ta dah!



tinyhands said...

And here I thought I was the only one who ever clicked 'next' - I wrote a similar entry about it a few weeks ago, but I didn't bother to promote the crap blogs.

Mike said...

Even the crappy blogs need love.

Tasty said...

I actually found you on the blog of tinyhands.