Friday, October 01, 2004

Today, as I walked up the San Francisco hill to my house, holding a latte in one hand, and Jon Stewarts, "America (The Book)" book in the other hand, I wondered if I had become too much of a stereotype' It would appear that I have become the Latte Liberal. I was also wearing flannel. A fashion faux pas for sure, but surely someone wants me for a focus group, no?

Speaking (writing?) of politics, I skipped the Presidential debate last night. Although I'm all for political discourse, I wonder if this tradition has outlived its usefulness. The way I see it, the debate will only matter to those folks who meet ALL these criteria:

1) Registered voters
2) People who somehow haven't made up their mind about the candidates. (this has got to be a pretty small percentage)
3) People who are interested in politics enough to watch two unwatchable people debate for 90 minutes.
4) People who actually get swayed by the snipping they hear in the debate

So, how many registered voters haven't made up their mind despite the onslaught of political messages in this nation, but still desire to watch a debate between these men, and then finally hear what they need to hear, enough to choose a candidate? I tell you how many. 8. 8 damn voters. Maybe 9. All that fuss for 9 voters. I think that money could have been spent on something more useful. Like candy. Jujubes for all, my friends.

On a final note, this last week of the baseball season is killing me. I find myself turning off Giants games around the 6th inning because I just can't bear to watch any more. I'm too nervous! Win or lose or something already! Three days to go, and there are three teams all within one game of each other for the wild card spot. God, I'm getting queasy just thinking about it. This season has been a rollercoaster. Any other time this year, the Giants fate has been obvious. Either they were obviously postseason-bound, or obviously going to be on vacation in October. Now, in this final week, it's all down to Schroedinger's cat.
Please, let the cat live, and let the Giants go to the postseason.

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