Saturday, October 02, 2004

I think I'm going to win an award tonight.

No, not a Bloggy, despite my impressive body of work.

My running club is holding their second annual anniversary party and the festivities will include an award ceremony. My coaches went out of their way to ensure that I would be present at the ceremony. So, either they're just really nice guys or they have something in mind for me.

I've racked my brain to think about in which way I've distinguished myself as a runner this year. I'm not the fastest runner or the most improved. I'm not the nicest or the meanest.... Crap. I may actually be the meanest runner. Well, hopefully I've hidden that aspect of my personality well enough for them not to know about it.

I'm not the biggest smartass (maybe 2nd biggest) nor do I have the biggest ass. I'm neither most supportive nor best dressed. As near as I can tell, my distinguishing characteristic as a runner is my form.

I predict, and you heard it here first, that tonight I will win an award for Worst Form. I have carefully considered all the alternatives and I have concluded that such an award will be constructed for me. This will recognize my pigeon-toed, arms-a-flailing, head-bobbing running style for what it is, a dazzling example of inefficiency in motion.

I'm so proud.

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