Tuesday, October 05, 2004

One of the problems with children is that they have selective hearing. The cutesy-wutesy little bones in their ears seem to be tuned to some sounds like "Who wants cotton candy?", but not to others like "Time to get ready for bed." Sometimes though, you can get them to listen. Last night I had one of those moments with my daughter.

Often getting her ready for bed is a chore. I'll have to ask her to brush her teeth multiple times. For some reason, last night, she announced, "Daddy, tonight I'm going to do whatever you say." I promptly tested the situation by asking her to jump up and down. She obediently complied.

I took it one step further and instructed her to ask me, "How high?" whenever I tell her to jump. We tried that a few times to my tremendous amusement.

I'm sure it won't last, but ohhhhhhhh, the power of being a parent. Mwah hah hah! I'll try to mostly use it for good.

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