Monday, August 16, 2004

Went down to Palo Alto this Saturday to splash around in a most excellent kiddie pool. My daughter frolicked in the piss-warm water for a couple hours, thrilled that she wasn't out of her depth in any part of the pool.

I probably shouldn't refer to the pool as piss-warm. In any other city, it would be warmed by the urine of a hundred children, but Palo Alto is one of those places where I don't think people even have urine. Everything is all clean and fancy and piss-free. Freaks.

During the drive home, my daughter slumped forward in her car-seat, totally exhausted by the activity. Small children can fall asleep in unnatural, how-can-they-possibly-be-asleep type positions. My wife, meanwhile, had also fallen asleep. Her head was tilted back and her mouth was wiiiiide open. I think I could have stopped the car, and inserted my daughter into my wife's mouth, and neither one of them would have woken up. I should have tried it, traffic sucked.

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