Friday, August 13, 2004

If you listen very carefully you can hear angels singing.

Today, the Giants dumped Neifi Perez, arguably the very worst player in baseball. I mean, the best thing the Giants Manager, Felipe Alou, could say about Neifi during his departure was "He showed up everyday and didn't complain," but then Felipe realized that he couldn't even say that. He qualified it with "He did complain a little bit last year."

There you have it. Neifi Perez, long regarded for his abilities to not complain, except when he was complaining, now needs a job. I recommend he look outside the field of baseball. He wasn't so good at that whole hitting-the-ball-thing. As it turns out, that's a useful skill in baseball.

As a Giants fan, I am supremely pleased to see him dumped. As a curmudgeon, I'm a bit disappointed to lose one of my favorite things to complain about.

Bye Neifi.

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