Monday, May 31, 2004

I had a super geeky weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, I went to KublaCon. Despite the fact that I still cannot get Chaka Khan lyrics out of my head (KublaCon, gonna rock you, gonna rock you KublaCon (join me in my hell)), the convention had nothing to do with old-school funky tunes. There was, perhaps, a funk in the air, but it was unrelated to boogie.

KublaCon was one of those places where I instantly felt healthy and normal as soon as I walked in the building. Note that I am clearly a geeky guy. I'm a computer programmer by trade, I play competitive Scrabble, and I'm enamored with baseball statistics. There is no doubt that I am a geek. However, at a place like KublaCon, I'm the least geeky guy there. It was as though you could get $5.00 off the admission price if you showed up exhibiting one (or more) of the following characteristics:

- Morbidly obese
- Morbidly emaciated
- A man wearing a skirt
- Sporting an image of a Middle Earth character...somewhere
- Wearing +3 chain mail

The wife and I paid full-price admission, although she longs for Gandalf undies.

Last night our daughter spent the night with her aunt. Being the hot married couple that we are, we spent the evening indulging one of our dirty little habits. We started off with a sexy sexy game of Scrabble (I won). Then we went to go see a romantic little film called Word Wars. We finished up the evening with a hubba-hubba round of Scrabble (I won).

Needless to say, I am sore.

Actually, I am kind of sore. For some strange reason, most of the lower half of my body is EXTREMELY itchy. It starts at my ankles, meanders intermittently around the legs, engulfs the crotch, and hints at starting up the stomach. If it weren't for the fact that it is so satisfying to scratch these itches, I'd consider getting it checked out. I can't quite figure how I got this condition. It's as though I slept with some STD or poison-oak ridden hooker, but I have no recollection of such an experience. You think I'd remember that.

There you have it, a thoroughly geeky weekend. A gaming convention, a hot night of Scrabble, and a rash that just won't quit. Who doesn't want to be me, eh?

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