Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I'm wrapping up a software project at work. At the company where I work, projects are assigned a color representing some state of done-ness. It's like the color-based terror alert system that our Homeland Security Department uses except with less terror. Not a lot less, but some less.

Anyway, here's how they laid out the colors. If your team is behind schedule and is frantically coding to catch up, that's Code Green. If, however, you meet your coding deadline and you're now sipping mint juleps instead of pulling all-nighters, that's Code Red. This was explained to me as "Well, green means go and red means stop.". It's hard to argue with that kind of toddler-like logic, so I won't.

Anyway, we hit Code Red today. Yahooo! Assuming terrorists don't attack, I'm going to go make myself a mint julep.

Funniest thing about my week

Watched my daughter's soccer game again last weekend. Man, that is fine comedy. Anytime someone on her team did anything noteworthy (e.g. throw the ball inbounds, get near the goal, impact the ball with their feet, etc), my daughter would stop, throw her arms in the air, and let out a celebratory "Wooooo!". This generally prevented her from actually taking part in the soccery action. As it turns out she doesn't really have that killer soccer instinct that propels a player to chase after the ball. She prefers to admire from afar. You go, girl.