Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My manager sent me a warning email last night.  She explained that she's being interviewed by a news program and they were going to be in the office this week.  The interviewers wanted to be present during one of her team meetings so that they could see how she was one of the few females in our male-dominated technical organization.

I told this story to my daughter, Daisy, during dinner tonight.

Me: So, basically, my boss needs me to be my manly self during our team meeting for this interview.
Daisy:  Oh, so it's a pants role.

My hearing has never been particularly good, but it seems to have gotten worse the last few years. Plus, Daisy doesn't always enunciate perfectly well.

Me:  What?  Did you say, "pants role"?
Daisy:  Yeah.  Pants role.
Me:  What's a pants role? A man thing where I wear pants? I got that covered.
Daisy:  No, "pants role" is a theater expression. It's where a woman plays a role written for a man.

Dang.  That's a pretty good zing.

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Anonymous said...

Yowza. You got served.