Saturday, April 02, 2011

I don't remember when I started besting my father.  I don't recall when I became a faster runner or when my Scrabble skills eclipsed his.  Sometimes it doesn't come down to one particular moment.

Sometimes it does though.

Larry:  Ok, Daisy, let's hear it.
Daisy:  Ok! 3.14159 26535 8979 3238 46264 33832 7950 2884 1971 693993 7510.... Dad, that's as far as you know it, right?
Me:  Grrrrr.  Yes.
Daisy: .... 5820!

Stupid kids.


Anonymous said...

The circle is now complete. Now she is the master.


Sue said...


tinyhands said...

I bet Daisy's blog is more interesting than this one. :D

Mike said...

Pablo and Sue, we'll see if she can keep those numbers in her head for 25 years, as I have. Then, you can be impressed.

Louie, touche.

nrd2 said...

and to think i was always happy if i could just remember what time jim and i were supposed to eat pie on mar 14th!