Monday, June 28, 2010

A couple weeks ago, after three days of eating mega-meals in Las Vegas, followed by running a surprisingly lackluster half-marathon back here in San Francisco, I got on a scale and found that I was the fattest I have ever been.

Technically, I'm still in the "normal" BMI range (whatever that means), and my jeans still fit (barely), but this is bad news.  My weight was 4 pounds heavier than I had ever seen it, and I probably can't blame that on a couple of Vegas buffets.  So now, I'm on my second diet ever and I'm beginning to fear that maybe this needs to be a general dietary change and not just a temporary thing.   Granted, my idea of a diet is pretty mild, but any diet is a bad one.

And, no, I have nothing funny to say about this.

So, instead let's see some videos.

First, here is a crazy good acrobatic troupe

Then, you may have heard that Oprah is having a contest to try and find a new talk show host and idea.  She's accepting video submissions and asking people to vote on their favorites.  Despite some weird Oprah vote fraud, this guy is winning and is the new king of awesome.   If you watch that video and want to see more of the guy, here's another 8 amusing minutes of him answering questions from the Internet (reddit).  Go Zach Anner!

Finally, adorable sloth orphans, three words I never thought would go together.


Sue said...

Count your lucky stars that you are just now confronting the weight issue. I have a thirty year head start. My advice? Cut out one dessert and one drink per week and see how it goes.

Lucky. (said with jealousy)

Mike said...

Yeah, I know things could be worse, but this is my special complaining place, so I get to complain. (Of course my wife would say that everywhere seems to be my special complaining place, but foo to her)

Anyway, your plan sounds very reasonable except that I'm already hardly eating any dessert at all.

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