Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I went to work on Friday morning and after a few hours started to feel like crap. I came back home by lunch and spent the majority of the next day and a half sitting on the couch feeling achy, breaky, feverish, and useless. Then, on Sunday, although my fever had finally dissipated, I still spent most of the day on the couch.

During this epic couch-a-thon, I managed to clock 20 hours of television, which, despite what my ex-girlfriend claims, was definitely a weekend record for me. Those 20 hours included:
Holy cow. I can't believe I watched 7 movies, an entire Superbowl, and still managed to squeeze a few more hours of other random TV with my wife/child. I lived a slackery life for quite a while pre-kid, but I can't ever recall quite that lethargic of a weekend. Just epic.

Thankfully Hank never caught whatever flu I had, so she took cheerfully care of all the household and child chores for the weekend, including fetching me soup and making a video store run. Her behavior was in stark contrast to how I typically act when she has the flu, when I am resentful and only teeth-grittingly helpful. What's the opposite of nurturing? Oh yeah, being a prick. That's what I do when she's sick.

So, yesterday, on my way home from work, I made sure to pick up a bouquet of flowers as a sign of my appreciation for Hank's excellent nursing.

Flowers are an interesting thing though. Sometimes they're just a bunch of flowers, but other times they're a stark reminder of how many years have passed since the last time I just brought home a bouquet of flowers. Hank stared at them skeptically.

Hank: What are those?
Me: Flowers!
Hank: What for?
Me: You!
Hank: Why?
Me: For taking such good care of me! Thank you!
Hank: ....
Me: ....
Hank: Are you cheating on me?

Oh well.


Gage said...

sometimes I like being sick simply so I CAN stay at home and gorge on television. I suppose that's a bit nuts...

Mike said...

Gage, shhhh! Jesus, ixnay on the ecretsay of staying home icksay! Let's not throw away any chance of sympathy, ok?

Ms.PhD said...

LOL, I totally have the same reaction to getting flowers.

Still, impressed with your epic sluggishness. I have been doing a lot of that myself lately, but it will be hard to justify now that the weather is improving. Only a sick person would want to stay indoors on the couch when it's gorgeous outside... or an epically lazy one.

Mike said...

Ms. PhD, eh, I find that great weather doesn't really affect my choice of activities. If there's a great indoor activity to do (like playing a game!), I could care less about the sunshine.