Monday, October 12, 2009

I think I've found my thing.

I've got a list of skills that I'm decent at. It includes:
  • computer programming
  • long distance running
  • Scrabble
  • growing novelty-sized zucchini
  • making fun of the less fortunate
  • watching TV

I'm not sure if that's the whole list, but it's pretty close. However, it my proud pleasure to present the list of things that, as near as I can tell, I'm great at:
I've been a pretty good Boggle player since I was in high school, but being able to play on a computer, where I get to type the words instead of hand-writing them, has elevated my game to greatness. I've been destroying my friends at the game. I make occasional forays into the "Expert" room on Facebook to play a few dozen "expert" strangers and usually win there too.

Between the word lists I've memorized for Scrabble, my mastery of all things timed, my speedy typing skills, and my general competitiveness, all these things add up to a Boggle master. It's as though I've been training for this all my life.

So, this is it! At age 41, I've finally found out what my "thing" is. Now all I need to do is figure out where I sign up for the professional circuit. Life of riches and fame, here I come!


torrygirl said...

I have that exact game on iphone. It is so incredibly addictive that it's a wonder i've managed to do anything else since i got it.

lostworld said...

First time here.. Loved the feel of your blog! Very nice.

Thanks for the Online Boggle link.
I am a Scrabble addict too & usually play on facebook :)

The 4th Sister said...

Mike I always knew you had skills...

nrd2 said...

now why is daisy frowning?? is it the thought of all the zucchini she will have to ingest?

Mike said...

Hi Torrygirl! Yes, playing that game is like eating potato chips. They're just so small and yummy.

Hi Lostworld! I didn't even know my blog had a feel.

Thanks, 4th sis, but I'm pretty sure you know that my skills are few and far between.

Nrd2, that's exactly right. She dislikes zucchini even more than me.