Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Next school year Daisy will be moving from an elementary school campus to a middle school campus (although she'll only be in the 5th grade). We took a tour of the campus to acquaint ourselves with it and to let Daisy acclimate a bit.

The kids looked a little bigger, but that was no big deal. There were rows of lockers and generally a less cozy feel to the school, but that's to be expected as well.

What was surprising? The list of rules in the classroom which prominently stated "No weapons in the classroom"


I mean, I guess its better than not having that rule, but, still, *gulp*.


Anonymous said...

Relax, Mike. They mean spit balls and potato guns.

I'm nearly certain.

Mike Duffy said...

Weapons on the playground are, of course, OK.

nrd2 said...

here in texas, you just can't have a _concealed_ weapon.

Mike said...

Bones, thanks. That's very reassuring.

Mike, thankfully schools in SF don't really have playgrounds.

Nrd2, that law just amuses the hell out of me.

Ms.PhD said...

public schools are scary. but you're brave to have kids at all! daisy's got a good head on her shoulders, you should have a few years yet before the really scary s**t hits the fan!

Mike said...

Ms.PhD, yeah, high school is when things really get scary in the big city. I have no idea how we'll handle that.