Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And in the final day of 2008, it finally happened. My daughter's social life, at the tender age of nine, has eclipsed my own.

Tonight, on New Year's Eve, Hank and I are going out for a nice dinner, just the two of us, but we'll be home before midnight. Daisy, however, is at a friend's house for a sleepover. They're taking her to something called a "clip party" where all guests come with a short clip (3 minutes or less) of a great scene from a favorite movie. The party host then compiles all these scenes together and plays them (edited neatly) during the party. We watched one of the DVDs from a prior year's party and it's really engaging entertainment.

So, Daisy is off at a fun and inventive party and I'm not. I'm not so sure these "golden" years are very goddamn golden.


carey said...

I HATE New Year's so I can relate. I had a frigging BLAST taking my boys AND their friends out for Chinese, which cost a small fortune, and then catching up with the housework while they sat around farting and cursing and making crumbs and trash and playing x-box...and then letting said friends sleep over, and THEY WERE STILL HERE AT 5PM today.

It sucks being a grown up on New Year's Eve. AND New Year's Day.

nrd2 said...

what clip did daisy bring?

meg said...

Good heavens, only in SF or LA or NY would you have a 'clip party' for kids.

My little girls got babysat by tho oldest girl in the the olde fashioned way whilst we 'adults' went out and had dinner at a friend's house.

My kids ADRORE the Sound of Music. They tell me all the time I should act more like Maria VonTrapp. I'm not catholic, they gently ask me to stop singing when I'm in the mood, nor do I have a guitar so I'm never sure what they mean. They want me to be a step mom? I'm cornfused.

Mike said...

Yeah, Daisy's sleepover didn't end until tonight at 8:00pm (and only under great duress since the kids begged for a 2nd consecutive night).

Nrd2, Daisy's attendance at the party was a last-minute plan so she was not prepared with a clip. She probably would have picked something from The Sound of Music though.

Meg, let the record show that the clip party wasn't a kids party. It's mostly a grown-up thing, but they make sure that the first set of displayed clips is G-rated and family-friendly.