Saturday, November 29, 2008

One of my co-workers is on a quest.

His quest is to find the best taqueria in San Francisco.

I mock him for this nearly every day. (It's part of what makes me such a valuable co-worker. That and the flatulence.)

The reason his quest is so mockable is because the difference between your average burrito and the best damn burrito in the entire world is pretty damn small. Is it extra guac? Spicier salsa? Congratulations, dude, you found the taqueria that gives out 2 cents of hot sauce for free. Quest achieved!

I understand that there's always a difference between crappy food and great food, in any cuisine. If you make me a burrito using week-old salsa and chewy chicken parts, that will clearly not be as good as a fresh burrito made with quality meat. I get that. Me smart. But, the difference between an adequately fresh burrito and the world's best burrito? About this big: *holding thumb and fore-finger humorously close together*

Have you ever had a kick-ass pizza? A mouth-watering steak? Thai food that kicked your ass up and down the street?

That's exactly my point. But a taco? Sure, it's tasty enough, but hardly quest-worthy.


Lola said...

This must be Pablo. He seems to be responsible for everything in your office. I feel I know him already.

Mike said...

Nope, it's Oscar, whose previous claim to fame was being Crazy No Cell Phone Guy.

tinyhands said...

It is about the journey, not the destination.

Mike said...

Sounds like the kind of journey that would leave me really gassy.