Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hank: I did something really weird today.
Me: Really? Should I sit down for this?
Hank: Maybe.
Me: (sitting) Ok, let 'er rip
Hank: I didn't make it to the gym today, so after I dropped Daisy off for her playdate, I decided to go for a walk up and down the hills in that neighborhood.
Me: Yeah, it's hilly there!
Hank: It is! Anyway, while I'm walking this really really nice car pulls up, rolls down the window and the guy inside asks me...
Me: If you have any grep poupon!
Hank: No. He asked me if I knew where the recreation center was. I started to explain it to him and then just said, "It'll be easier if I get in and show you."
Me: You what? Did the guy ask you get in the car or did you just spontaneously offer to get in some stranger's car?
Hank: I just offered.
Me: That is really weird.
Hank: I know! So I directed him over to the rec center and then got out.
Me: Was he an old guy?
Hank: A little older than us.
Me: Good looking?
Hank: Oh, yes, he was very good looking. Mmmmm hmmmm.
Me: Well, that's not so weird then.

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