Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This week preparing for my upcoming fantasy football draft is sucking up a lot of my free time (yes, I am THAT lame), but I'm still keeping to my horrendously unpleasant 5:30am exercise regimen.

Except for tomorrow.

You see today I think I kind of broke my toe. The little one. I was, uh, getting a cup of coffee and I managed to stub my toe really hard into a wall (a short one). Now it's swollen and purpley.

I figure one day off ought to do the trick, eh?


Sue said...

Good luck with that!

Avery Gray said...

You are a man of steel.

Mrs. T. said...

You don't need to break stuff on purpose just to get some time off. Good for getting pain meds, but then your Fairytale football picks will be all wonky. More fun, but wonky.

Maybe that little girl of yours could help with the picks? Or is this "Men's Work"?


nrd2 said...

if he were a man of steel...

Mike said...

Sue, thanks! This morning I was sure it was broken, and now after some Advil, I'm not so sure.

Avery, I wish! Then I'd have unbreakable toes, or at least stainless ones.

Meg, I'm supposed to get pain meds for this? Damn me and my lack of a primary care physician! And my little girl could probably do as good a job at losing at fantasy football as I do.

Nrd2, exactly.