Tuesday, July 08, 2008

As of midnight tonight, I am officially unemployed. Spooooooky.

Today was my last day reporting to the German corporate overlords. I sent my final emails, removed my personal files from my work computers, piled the work computers in the car to return them to the office, and then thought, "Where the hell is the office?"

I had been there once before, maybe 5 months ago or so, but didn't recall how I got there. It was in some remote office park, in the middle of nowhere, in a podunk city I had never visited before or since.

So I google mapped it and was on my way. I guess it was entirely appropriate for a remote employee to have to google where the office is on his last day.

Anyway, I dropped off my computers and said my final goodbyes to the people I had typed at for the last few years. They all said nice things and we made the obligatory references to keeping in touch. Good folk.

Then I came home, made myself a big martini and watched the Giants get whupped on by the Metropolitans from New York City, New York. Good enough.

Tomorrow, we're off for a brief vacation to San Diego. Stand by.


Sue said...

Enjoy the sun! La Jolla is great. Get there early. Watch out for the sharks.

Mike said...

Thanks, Sue!

Avery Gray said...

Have fun!

Mike said...

Avery, I am! Thanks!

Dr. Jeff said...

Kudos on the Martini choice. Baseball, martinis... Who knew?

Mike said...

Jeff, but of course! I am a man of refined leisure!