Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Next week is the first week of summer for Daisy. That means it's summer camp time.

There are a zillion different summer camps in San Francisco, enough of them so that they have a Summer Camp Fair once or twice a year to let people know what all the options are. I went to the summer camp fair three years ago and was amused at the... uh... variety of choices. I think the most amusing camp I saw advertised was Shakespeare camp.

Shakespeare summer camp? What is that? I mean, I know what all those words mean independently, but they're nonsense when you string them together like that, kind of like "ass cookie". I couldn't tell you what an ass cookie is, but I'm pretty damn sure I don't want one. (I imagine they have partially digested raisins in them.)

I recall asking myself, what kind of freak-show, yuppie, over-bearing parents sign their kid up for Shakespeare summer camp?

The answer? Me.

We strolled through that summer camp fair again this year and Daisy was beside herself with excitement at the prospect of signing up for Shakespeare camp. I asked if she understood that they speak ye crazy olde language there and she rattled off a couple of "Ye"s and "Thou"s in reply. The idea of the camp is that they put on a show at the end of each session and Daisy could not be more overjoyed with the prospect of standing on stage and spouting some iambic goddamn pentameter.

Just unbelievable. And she walked RIGHT PAST the Computer Camp booth! Kids are weird.


Avery Gray said...

Iambic pentameter never hurt anybody. Much.

She's going to love it. Good for her!

Sue said...

Hey! don't knock Shakespeare! ARG went to that camp for two years and loved, loved, loved it. We couldn't fit it in the schedule this summer, sadly.

Check out: The Reduced Shakespeare Company - pretty hilarious. Preview before letting Daisy watch. Though she probably won't get the innuendos or outright bawdiness.

Mike said...

I hope you too are right. I fear that she'll get one look at the "script" and start puking.

Monica said...

My kid LOVES it. Although, when i ask him to clean up his room, he now has the wherewithal to say: "I am a boy more sinned against than sinning." (from King Lear)

We're on year two, and have spent the 12 months since the last one barely containing his Shakes-thusiasm. Not so odd, since his dad taught HS english for 13 years and taught Shakespeare, but still...I can't believe just how into it he is. Asked for Hamlet for Christmas, and shit like that. Unbelieveable. He's great on stage I'm sure Daisy will be. I hope you blog about her performance!

Mike said...

Monica, I will be totally impressed and surprised if Daisy goes hog-wild on Shakespeare. I guess we'll see.

More importantly, however, kudos on the 4-letter words! You're totally ready for your new job.