Monday, May 19, 2008

Random memories of my surprise party in Vegas:

1) The LOVE Cirque du Soleil show was really enjoyable. I don't think it was a typical Cirque show in that the music was showcased more than the usual contortions and acrobatics, but if you love the Beatles (and if don't, you should get that checked by a physician) then you'll have a great time. Just hearing the Beatles songs on such a great sound system was worth a couple digits of the price of admission.

2) We flew to Vegas on Virgin America and mmmm mmmm mmmmm, that is one sexy virgin Actually aside from the one girl I lost my virginity too, I've never pursued having sex with a virgin. What's the appeal? I don't want to play tennis with someone who has never held a racket, and I don't want to eat fried chicken made by a non-cook, and I sure as hell don't want to entrust my penis to someone unversed in the sexy sexy. Anyway, Virgin America Airlines rocks. They've got a new-fangled in-seat entertainment system that lets you watch videos, chat with people in other seats, and play video games. The system is still a little buggy, but I got to play Doom while flying to Vegas and drinking a cocktail. My all-time favorite video game! Killing monsters! While going to Vegas! And drinking a screw-driver! That's a slice of pinch-me right there.

3) Even being in the land of Vegas, whose motto is "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", could not persuade my rule-following eight year-old daughter to let loose. At one point while we stood in the lobby of our hotel, we saw a couple walk through a door labeled as the "Emergency Exit" to take a shortcut to the pool. No alarm sounded. Nothing bad happened. I then offered to pay Daisy a dollar to also walk out that door. You'd have thought I asked her to slaughter puppies. She was aghast. The next day when we strolled around the Venetian to show Daisy the indoor canals, she nearly whimpered with fear that we'd get kicked out because we weren't guests of that hotel. Oh, baby, live it up a little. When she does finally snap and rebel, it will be a sight to see.

4) Being dealt blackjack by the Treasure Island casino dealers was like sitting in a personality deprivation tank. Special mention to Minh The Humorless. I did my best to fill the void.


Sue said...

Ooohhhh... a drink and a computer game on a 1.5 hour flight? With beloved family and friends? Mmmmm..... I wanna go!

Mike said...

Hey, you just got a vacation to NY! Don't be greedy.

loveyh said...

When Daisy restraints and bar her window, because that? Will be hell.

Sounds like a fun time! Happy Belated Birthday!

Mike said...

Hi Lovey, yeah, I'm not sure what would be scarier: her rebellion or the idea that it might possibly never happen.