Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In my last post, I showed the world the awkwardness, skill, and smarminess that characterized my appearance on Family Feud's first ever College Week as a member of UC Berkeley's team. In this post, I'll cover UC Berkeley's second episode, which, in a dramatic departure from the first episode.... is more of the same.

So, let's play The Feud! I've edited down the 22 minutes of inanity into a crisp 7 or 8 minutes of inanity.

First up, the dreaded "pose", where I get a second chance to show off my rhythm and cheering skills...

Ok, 0 for 2 on that whole cheering thing. Let's see how the team leader introduces me this time. Am I still a "computer whiz" like last time?

No! I'm Albert's life long buddy! How very tragic then that I haven't seen or spoken to Albert since the day this show was tapes. Love you, man!

Anyway, let's get on to the game! First question, Ray...

Blah blah blah. Berkeley comes through and leads 89 to 0. Next question, please...

Did you see that?!?! I'm a Family Feud savant! Was it not obvious to everyone else on the panel that when the judges asked the USC guy to be more specific on his "remote control vehicle" answer that's because there were more than one remote control vehicles on the list? This is the same thing that happened the last episode when a Stanford person said "hair" and they wanted a more specific answer so I followed his "pet hair" with my "human hair". At least America got to see my indignation.

Anyway, Berkeley leads 89 to 88 and I'm back up at the podium for the next face off. On the last episode I won the face-off by answering the question "Name a place to find young people" with a brilliant answer of "school". Let's see how I do this time...

I'm 2 for 2 with "school" answers! I'm also the only member of the Berkeley team who got a correct answer. That makes winning hard. USC leads 156 to 89...

That was it. Albert, finally recognizing that I was the brains of the Berkeley team finally chose my answer, and we lost the game. Doh! One round too late, ol' buddy. In my defense, however, "get married"??? Was this show taped in the '50s?

What's left? Time to dance. I'm the swaying-guy on the right, holding hands with my then-girlfriend. Goodbye, America.

Anyway, the UC Berkeley team, having gone 0 for 2, ended their stint on College Week. Stanford went on to beat USC in the final game, while we went home with a bunch of really crappy consolation prizes that I never ever used with nary a box of rice-a-roni nor the home version of the game. Woe is me.

There you have it. The full extent of my television career. My blog has now filled the glaring hole that IMDB has stubbornly ignored.


Siôn said...

Man, they should have let you play on your own!
USC weren't half as annoying as Stanford, whilst also not quite as intelligent.
Also...I know this was a while ago, but what the f**k were those shorts Brett was wearing? Was it a bet? Were they his Mother's pajamas?

However, I've really enjoyed this journey through your TV life. Thanks for posting the clips!

Lola said...

I've picked up this post and the last one in the university library - no sound cards in the ol' PCs here. I'm glad you helped me out with descriptions. I must remember to haul my ass back here when I'm at home some time. I'm sure it's memorable TV.

Mike said...

Siôn, it should be noted that USC was especially stupid on many of the clips that I did not display (because they didn't feature me). USC, which stands for University of Southern California is a private school which is often referred to as University of Spoiled Children. And Brett appears to be wearing Berkeley-themed boxer shorts.

Lola, memorable TV? Hmmm, that's a bit of a stretch.

Avery Gray said...

Didn't that host commit suicide shortly after this taping?

Not that I'm drawing any parallels. I'm just stating facts (as I see them).

BTW, you looked genuinely bored when you said, "Buy a car." Had the magic worn off, Mike?

Good solid effort, though. I'll give this one 3.5 stars as well.

Now, if you could only get your hands on the footage of your taping of "The Love Connection", that would be awesome!

Mike said...

Avery, as usual, you have put together the pieces of the puzzle. Ray Combs did indeed commit suicide shortly after I displayed my complete inability to show enthusiasm. As for the Love Connection footage, that's been banned in all right-thinking Western nations.

loveyh said...

Nice sweatshirt, Mike. Kudos on that mid-90's fashion trend.

Some of the guys on the USC team were kinda cute, though...Mike, you were non-threateningly adorable!;)

Mike said...

Lovey, no one has ever accused USC of being full of ugly students. They submit head-shots instead of SAT scores.

As for my fashion, please note that this was taped in 1990, so apparently I LED whatever sweatshirt-based mid-90s fashion trend you've identified here.