Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hank and I went to go see Michael Clayton last night.

Overall it was a pretty good flick. The performances were good, the plot kept me engaged, and George Clooney is a handsome man. I have no desire to sodomize or kiss the man, but let's be honest here, he's pretty easy on the eyes. I like actors like that. They make it easy. For my eyes.

The movie is 119 minutes long and I'd say that about 117 of those minutes were solid. The last 2, however, kind of sucked. It's like the writers wrote the first 117 minutes and then were told that the movie had to be less than 2 hours long, so they quit, and then the producers got the janitor to wrap up the plot, but instead he just took a dump on the script. I THINK that's what happened.

Regardless, the movie's central conflict was "resolved" in a near-cartoonish fashion. Clooney, however, like Mitt Romney, looks good in a suit.


Mya said...

I think George looks good in just about anything -and I DO want to kiss him, maybe not sodomise, I'm a bit short on the apparatus for that. But he really should speak to his people about the voice- over artists he gets to dub him in the French speaking markets. A lot of George's appeal stems from his dark, caramel tones...suffice to say, in French he sounds squeaky and rather pinched in the trouser area.

Mya x

Mike said...

I can imagine that's disconcerting, perhaps as though someone had dubbed George Bush's voice over Angelina Jolie.

Avery Gray said...

What? Is Clooney running for President? I wouldn't know. I'm just a silly female. I'll vote for any man as dreeeeeamy as him.

Mike said...

No, Clooney isn't running for President. I get the feeling that although he has strong political feelings, he's enjoying his playboy-style life waaaaay too much to pursue a life in public service.

He's my hero.