Thursday, November 15, 2007


Twelve hours from now I'll be at the airport, preparing to board an airplane for Hawaii, to... uh... celebrate Thanksgiving.

I have no idea what the Internet situation will be like in our accommodations. I'll probably have to rig something up with coconuts, Gilligan-style. As always, I'm sure I'll have something to bitch about (like those surfing lessons that Larry wants to drag me on), so I'll have to find a way to post about it.

I mean, how would the Internet survive without my petty complaints? Are there even other web pages?



Avery Gray said...

Nope. Yours is it. You ARE the internet.

FYI--there's a lot of thermal energy in the lava flows there. Might want to figure out a way to harness that to power your coconut-computer contraption. That, or just plug your laptop into the outlet in the wall and hope for decent wi-fi. Either or.

Mike said...

Well, your second crazy idea seems to have worked. There's wifi in them thar airwaves!