Friday, September 21, 2007

A conversation I had with my wife this morning:

Me: (reading the paper) Looks like Yom Kippur starts tonight. Are you ready?
Hank: Oh, yes. I'm preparing all the traditional Yom Kippur foods.
Me: .... Um, I think you're done then.
Hank: I am? Oh. Wait. Is this the holiday where...
Me: You fast? Yes.
Hank: I ...uh...
Me: When you said that line about preparing the foods, I couldn't tell if you were being really clever. I guess not.


newnorth said...

Yom Kippur food is my least favorite kind of food.

Just wondering, what was she making until you talked your way out of a delicious home cooked meal!?

Mike said...

She wasn't making diddly! Just sassing me!