Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's been Smart Ass city here in the San Juan Islands with my old work buddies from HP, which is a little slice of heaven for me. Trash talking and hard-time-giving comprise 50% of the conversation. Nostalgic stories (which usually involve hard-time-giving) fill up another 45%, and the final 5% of conversation is standard "How's work?" stuff. That's a satisfying ratio for me.

Two examples before I go run off to harass someone

1) The boys were sitting around watching pre-season football, which is unwatchable even by my standards. I mentally compared it to baseball and casually asked how old the oldest football player was in the National Football League. One guy offered up the name of a kicker in his 40s, and another guy mentioned that Brett Favre is 38 years old.

Me: Late 30s for a quarterback? Huh, so I'm not too old to play in the NFL.
Guy 1: Too old? Nah, you're not too old. Too small? Too slow? Yes.
Guy 2: Too weak! Too clumsy!
Guy 3: And too Jewy.

That may have been my favorite bit of banter from the day.

2) I have been dubbed "Lucky Pierre" due to my willingness to sit in the middle of the backseat during occasional outings. I never had a nickname before.

These guys must really like me.


nrd2 said...

are you in friday harbor??

Mike said...

Just about. We took the ferry which landed at Friday Harbor and then we drove to my buddy's house which was about 20 minutes away.

Neel Mehta said...

Warning! French nicknames = gay. Because men from France... well, you know.

Mike said...

Hey, these guys know I'm not gay. I'm a slightly effeminate thin guy from San Francisco. That screams macho.