Saturday, June 09, 2007

This baseball software is slowly destroying my sanity.

For those of you who aren't familiar with what I'm doing, I've written a computer program to try and analyze the baseball games each day. Then, it looks up the odds offered by online casinos and recommends wagers that it thinks would be profitable. I run this program each morning and it posts the recommended bets to a blog I created.

The end result is that I'm glued to the ESPN baseball scoreboard page each day, anxiously waiting for the next update of the page. Although I'm not actually making bets on any of these games, each game is a critique of my baseball program. Since I wrote every line of that program, each game is therefore a critique of me.

If my program recommends a bet on the Washington Nationals (an atrocious team), then I end up on the edge of my office chair, hoping for an unlikely Nationals victory. Each time a Nationals hitter makes an out, it's an indictment of my baseball knowledge and programming ability. If, however, one of those hypothetical balls gets pushed by the wind two feet to the left, and falls between two outfielders, then I'm a genius.

Did a blister form on the opposing pitcher's hand, causing him to walk a batter? Hooo hoo! My self esteem skyrockets!

Did one of my batters get a crappy night's sleep? Doh! I'm a worthless human being.

Judging myself based on micro events in a 2,430 game baseball season is exhausting work, but I'm dedicated to the task.


carey said...

It looks like you're ahead of the game, regardless of your lost sanity. It's cool watching a numbers geek developing his craft.

Mike said...

Carey, "my craft"? Dang, that's some good lipstick on this pig. But, yes, I am ahead of the game right now. We'll see if that's still the case a month (or a few) from now.

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