Sunday, April 01, 2007

I'm bummed to report that my Achilles injury seems to be much better.

That means that I can run again, which means that my glorious running vacation has come to a unpleasantly abrupt end.

I ran 3.5 miles on Thursday that were pain-free. So, this weekend I joined up with my running club and ran about 8 miles. Unfortunately, the problem with running vacations is that in addition to making me resent running, they also sap my ability to run, diminishing my sole athletic competency with every passing day. Consequently, the 8 mile run was pretty sucky, i.e. I was sucking wind the whole time.

And how's the beloved remodel project going? Eh, see for yourself.


chess h said...

Mike, what the heck is the red-and-blue thing sitting in the basketball hoop? Some sort of plastic Space Rooster action figure?

Mike said...

Embarrassingly, I don't even remember what that is. It's some kid's toy. You drop plastic balls into the curved blue tube (the body of the "rooster", which is not a rooster at all) and something happens. I forget if its a water toy, or a baseball toy, or a capital punishment implementor.

dolface said...

hey, at least you can hope that the pile of dirt is killing the oxalis!

carey said...

I thought you said you had a big deck. (sorry)

Keep practicing that pout; you're going to need it when your contractors say it'll take about 6 months longer than anticipated.

Mike said...

Dolface, you underestimate the insidious Oxalis. It "dies" off every Spring, ready to bloom again when the wet season restarts.

Carey, hey, at least I don't eat my kids' nuts.