Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Three unrelated Daisy vignettes:

1) I took Daisy to Tae Kwon Do tonight. The teacher started class by asking the kids to line up by height. Although Daisy isn't the youngest, she's the shortest.

The kids bumbled their way through the activity, slowly sorting themselves via a combination of comparisons and Brownian motion. Meanwhile, Daisy waltzed up to one of her average-sized friends and used her hand to compare the top of her head to the top of his. She reached his chin.

"Daisy!" the teacher barked, "You're suffering from delusions of grandeur!"

She slowly made her way down the line, stopping occasionally to see how she sized up against some young kid. When she eventually arrived at her correct location, at the end of the line, her jaw dropped in amazement. This was NOT how she saw herself.

2) At the end of Tae Kwon Do, they gathered the kids around for a lecture about the importance of exercise. One of the teachers said, "All you kids who watch TV, one idea would be to do some sit-ups or push-ups during the commercials. That's a great way to fit exercise into your day!"

Daisy's hand shot up.

"Yes, Daisy?" the teacher asked.

"Well," Daisy began, "You see, we have Tivo, and on Tivo, you don't have to watch the commercials. I just fast forward right through them." She beamed proudly at her teacher.

The teacher thought for a moment.

"Well, don't do that. Don't fast forward through the commercials. That solves the problem."

When we got home, Hank and I explained to Daisy that that was the worst solution ever.

3) Daisy composed a poem yesterday. As near as I can tell, it's original, although the fact that it's pretty good makes me skeptical. Anyway, here it is:

There was a little puzzle piece lonely and sad
He had absolutely no momma or dad
But one day when walking through the wood
He found his puzzle in his neighborhood
Then his life turned from sadness to glee
Cause now he had a happy family


Anonymous said...

She could be the next Shel Silverstein.


Mike said...

Or Bruce Lee.