Thursday, February 01, 2007

Moxey tagged me for a meme.

I have to write short stories.

Only six words per story allowed.

Shorter sentences? Sure. Six words TOTAL.

I've done 55 word stories. Poorly.

Moxie wants to see some cleverness.

Disappointment? All signs point to yes!

Ok, I'm all done practicing now.


SF Mayor cheats. Surprise at heterosexuality.

Global warming. Exxon makes billions. Inconceivable!

France bans smoking. Depardieu gains weight. (That last link is NOT safe for work)

Iraq still crappiest place to shop.

The End

Hey, that was only marginally worse than I thought it would be. Low expectations are like manna from heaven.


carey said...

Mike, your cleverness knows no bounds.

Kat said...

Six words make a sentence, not a story. Considering it was an exercise in futility - you did great.

Mike said...

Carey, I don't need your pity.

Kat, thanks for the pity!

zelda1 said...

What a story!!

Mike said...

Zelda, your sarcasm IS appreciated.

mox said...

Never have nine words caused me so much stress.

An admirable job, as I knew you were capable of.

Mike said...

Mox, nine words? Gah! Which nine? Was it "and I am expecting something very clever from him" ?

Tasty said...

"I do not think that means what you think it means."

Mike said...

Oh yeah? Well, surprise is on you. I'm not left handed!

Tasty said...

I am not left-handed either!