Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hank: I've been thinking about our mugs.
Me: Our what?
Hank: Our mugs.
Me: Weird That's what I thought you said.
Hank: I think we need new mugs.
Me: Our what?
Hank: Mugs.
Me: Huh. Do our mugs not work right? I successfully drank coffee out of one today. It didn't seem broken.
Hank: I went over to Heidi's house and she offered me some tea, and she served it in a nice mug.
Me: So, our mugs need to be... nicer?
Hank: Yes. I want to have nice mugs. Is that totally crazy? Am I some kind of idiot for wanting to have nice mugs for our guests?
Me: No. I think I'm the idiot.
Hank: Why?
Me: It just would have never occurred to me to nice-up our mugs. There's a whole level of sophistication in this world that I'm unable to appreciate. I'm glad I have you to tell me what I'm missing.

She bought new mugs.


Anonymous said...

Wait, you only updated half the mugs?


The 4th Sister said...

I like nice mugs! Enjoy them, Hank!

I also enjoy nice glasses and dishes that match the glasses ...and sheets with very high thread count ...and towells that are bright, big and fluffy...

chess h said...

nice lookin' mug!

...the cup is nice, too.

Mike said...

Pablo, half the mugs in this blog? Or in this house?

4th Sister, yeah, I'm in agreement on the towels and sheets thing. I can FEEL that niceness. I'm not sure I can say the same thing about new mugs though.

Chess, where's my rimshot?

kat said...

Thank goodness Hank saved you from the embarrassment of having the ugliest mugs on the block. I'm particular about such things... any old mug just won't do, it must have the perfect rim thickness, a handle wide enough for three fingers and no ugly color.

Janelle Renee said...

Does this mean you're going to change your avatar? I always thought the white one was too small.

(Red's a good color for you, too. Professionally speaking.)

Mike said...

Kat, our new mugs might even satisfy you!

JR, yes! Note that I never actually drank out of the tiny white mugs. Those came with our dishes.

The Tart said...

Dude, are you licking that mug or WHAT!

(Hmmm, who is this Pablo really? I would like to see him licking a mug, please.)

The Tart
; )

The Tart said...

*sigh* I was really into the first Avatar you had ... remember?

Sweet smooch,
The Tart
; *

Mike said...

Tart, I'm not LICKING it, I'm just pressing it to my face. It's just so ENORMOUS that it looks odd. Really, it's quite a normal man-mug interaction.

And, you can see a picture of Pablo here