Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Yesterday afternoon a kid came over to our house for a playdate with Daisy. The two kids played together pretty well, and Hank hung out nearby to keep an eye on them.

At one point Hank went to the bathroom shortly after the kid (a six year old boy) had emerged from it. She found that he had failed to flush the toilet (not alarming) and she was greeted with a nice turd floating in the bowl (also, not alarming).

What WAS somewhat alarming was that the turd was the only thing in the bowl. There was no toilet paper.

UPDATE: Hank has corrected my description of the contents of the toilet. She says, "I think you should know that it wasn't a single turd, floating harmlessly in the bowl, but a huge pile of poop down at the bottom. It looked like a moist, stinky experience."


Pensive Turtle said...

Maybe you'll find it in a few days. Perhaps behind a jar of peanut butter in the cupboard or something.


BTW, sorry to hear about your run-in with the trash can. It reminds me of when I was 17 and a giant boulder came out of nowhere and hit my car.

Damn inanimate objects - always screwing with us.

Leesa said...

Lovely :)

Mike said...

PT, you may be right about the missing toilet paper. That kid is mischevious.

Leesa, yeah, it's a charming life I lead (and document for your pleasure).

Kat Campbell said...

Oh yuck, those boy children are just... woops,nearly forgot that male bashing is extremely ill mannered on a man's blog!

Mike said...

Oh Kat, it's ok. I've got a pretty thick skin. Lots of scar tissue from being dropped on my head repeatedly.

zelda1 said...

At that point, it would have been appropriate, and I'm sure his mother would not have minded, for Hank to take the little boy back into the bath room and remind him to wipe and to wash his hands. Yeah, boys are bad about forgetting to wipe and forgetting to flush or wash. That's why it's okay to remind them.

Mike said...

Zelda1, I'll tell you what. Next time this kid comes over, I'll call you and you can come over and wipe his ass. Deal? Deal.